Why do I like “To kill a Mockingbird”?

To Kill a Mockingbird essay

I understand that reading books is not very popular nowadays. Adult people and even children are too busy to spend dozens of hours in order to read one book. They do not want to waste their free time on reading because they are sure that this activity is boring and useless. However, I do not maintain this point of view. I keen on reading and I manage to read at least two-three books every month.

When you read books, you figure out something new, become smarter and more intelligent. You also improve your vocabulary and open new ways to self-develop yourself, that’s why I am not going to stop. As for my favorite book, I have to admit without any hesitation that it is “To kill a mockingbird” by Harper Lee. Of course, I understand that there are a lot of other interesting and high-quality books, which can impress readers, such as “The Old Man and the Sea”, “The Great Gatsby”, “Jane Eyre”, “Brave New World” and so on. But “To kill a Mockingbird” is something more than the abovementioned novels. Therefore, we are going to consider the most important benefits of this novel in my essay. Let’s do that!

Why should you read this book as soon as possible?

Many people who have already read this book admit that “To kill a Mockingbird” can change your life forever. Harper Lee considers a lot of important and crucial problems such as racism, conflicts of parents and children and so on. So, what are the main benefits of this book? There are some of them:

  • The main characters

    Harper Lee managed to create such characters, which can impress you and convince that you should agree with their point of view. They are brave, smart, kind and interesting. Atticus Finch inspires me to overcome problems and improve myself. It is a real role model, which I would like to follow.

  • The plot

    At the first glance, it is an ordinary novel about an ordinary family in the US, but the real situation differs. The author considers such important topics as conflicts of parents and children, racism, friendship etc. This story motivates you to be tolerated, understand other people and appreciate their point of view.

  • Literature style

    It is really important that authors create their own literary style. When you read “To kill a mockingbird” you understand that Harper Lee created a high-quality novel. It is simple and extremely exciting. This book is easy for reading, that’s why you will manage to read the whole within tight time frameworks.


Therefore, I really think that “To Kill a Mockingbird” by Harper Lee is her magnum opus. If you want to read something new and interesting, you should go to the nearest shop or library and get this book as soon as possible. I am sure that you will not be disappointed.