What about education in the US? Should we improve our education system?

education in the U.S essay

To be honest, we do not really think that our education institutions provide low-quality services. Of course, there are a lot of problems connected with studying at our schools, universities and colleges. In most cases, these problems connected with bullying, but we should admit that our teachers work really hard to avoid these problems. In addition, we do not create unnecessary specialists. If you get a high-quality education, you can be sure that you will find a good job without any problems. It is really important if you want to make your country great.

Moreover, we should also forget about the fact that thousands of people from all over the world follow their American dream and try to study in the US. They do everything possible to find a hidden way to spend their time in our country and it shows us that our education system is really reliable, influential and famous. On the other hand, if we understand that we have a lot of possibilities to get a high-quality education, it doesn’t matter that we can stop our development. We think that we should work even more because we are the leaders in the international arena, that’s why the US has to move forward very quickly. Therefore, what should we do in order to improve our education standards? Let’s consider this question!

Is it possible to improve our education standards?

There are a lot of possible ways to improve our educational system. Of course, we are really proud that we have so many benefits. Even students from other countries decide that they have to study in the US. However, what should we do become better? For example:

  • Individual approach

    Yes, we understand that it is impossible to create an individual approach to each person. All children are unique and you cannot find a common language with all of them. However, we should do everything possible to solve this problem. We can increase the qualification of employees and teachers, divide large groups of children into smaller groups. Do not forget that we can also hire more psychologists in order to avoid problems.

  • Bullying

    This issue is very actual right now and many people in the US discuss bullying. To be honest, we do not know how to solve this problem because we are not specialists in management and education. We just admit that our government has to settle disputes as soon as possible.

  • Security

    It is so horrible that our country suffers because of terrorist attacks at schools. It is impossible to prohibit weapon and there is no need to do that but we have to pay attention to this problem. For example, we can improve the security of schools, colleges and universities.


Therefore, our education system has a lot of disadvantages and we realize some of them. But it doesn’t matter that we managed to create one of the best systems of schools and colleges in the world. We are not going to stop and we will solve our problems in order to ensure the best studying conditions for our children.