A Storm to Remember: Essay Sample

Narrative Essay On A Storm To Remember

When someone asks me to recall the most memorable storm I have ever seen, I describe them one day at the beach. I was 13, and me and my friends relaxed on the local beach with yellow hot sand and a long pier from which we used to jump in the water. Suddenly, the weather changed, and heavy rain with the wind started. Instead of trying to hide under the pier, we decided to run home, which was a mistake. However, this decision turned out to be an adventure I still remember.

It was a regular day on the beach. Although there were high waves, many people were swimming in the warm water, laughing and trying to stand still as waves hit them hard. It was windy, but the sun was shining bright, so it was so pleasant to dive into the ocean and then lie on the loungers. Everyone was having fun, but I suddenly felt a tension that hung in the atmosphere. I looked at the sky, but there were only distant clouds on the horizon. As time went by, the wind calmed down, and the aid became blurry and electric. A large gray cloud was approaching, and people were leaving the beach to hide from the upcoming storm. I asked one of my friends, “Should we leave as well? It seems it will rain soon.” However, he was confident that we still had time before the storm begins. “Calm down,” he said, “We have at least 30 minutes, there is no need to hurry.”

It turned out that we had no time at all. As soon as my friend uttered these words, large drops began falling from the dark blue sky. There were lightning and thunder right above us, and the wind blew so hard we could not hear each other clearly. It lifted the sand in the air and was violently throwing it into our faces so that it became impossible to breathe and open our eyes. I think we lost all common sense at that moment and instead of hiding somewhere, we ran.

It was difficult to run because the air was whirling around us and we felt the sand and small rocks hitting our legs. We covered our heads and faces with blankets, but our bodies were wet as the rain was falling hard. I felt large, quick drops going down my spine, arms, and legs and washing the salt that ate into my hair. Clouds were moving across the sky in such a way so that it seemed the light was coming from the north instead of the west where it should be. We laughed and cried to each other some incomprehensible phrases, but it was useless to speak at that moment – all we could hear was the storm raging above. At one point, I realized that I was one-on-one with nature and its beautiful yet threatening power. I knew no one could help me because everyone was thinking only about hiding in the nearest house or shop.

Although it is no more than ten minutes from my house to the beach, it felt like the eternity. When I finally got home, I was all wet and shivering but happy as never. My mother heaved a sigh of relief when I went in because she had probably imagined some horrifying accidents happening to me outside. I took a quick shower and then we both stood by the window and watched the last beach goes walking helplessly under the rain. As the sun showed from behind the cloud, I could not but think what an amazing experience nature can give us sometimes.

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