Abraham Lincoln – Man Who Ended Slavery in America

Abraham Lincoln Essay

Everybody knows about Abraham Lincoln and his most renowned accomplishments – abolition of slavery in the USA and winning the Civil War by restoring integrity and unity of the US. Also, he’s the first Republican who won the presidential elections in the USA ever.

Lincoln’s history is a perfect example of “from rags to riches”. Being born in a poor family deep in the woods of Kentucky, having little opportunities to learn and grow as a person, he did not only manage to become president, but he also became a father of the nation. Writing about Lincoln is not an easy task. Really, how to write an essay, which is a mere couple of hundred words long to describe such an awesome person as Abraham Lincoln – the man who was so great that he was put with other great presidents on Mount Rushmore – a feat that only three others achieved.

Lincoln’s Upbringing

Lincoln’s family was poor and used to move a lot. He didn’t have the opportunity to read lots of books, so he pushed maximum from those he could get his hands on. Lincoln was a deeply religious person because the Bible was perhaps the only book his family had. Despite the fact that both his parents were illiterate, he craved for knowledge.

You may think that it’s pretty normal, but don’t forget the fact that he was also a strong woodcutter, who lived most of his life in the forest. So his interest in learning was quite unordinary, especially in those times.

Presidency and the Civil War

One of the reasons for breaking out of the American Civil War was the fact that anti-slavery person – Abraham Lincoln was elected as president. However, despite the fact that he denied the expansion of slavery, there was no talk about prohibiting it as a whole.

Despite that, the predominantly pro-slavery states in the South urged to separate in order to preserve their customs, forming the CSA – the Confederate States of America.

The South openly rebelled against the federal government. The war broke out, where Lincoln played a crucial role in defeating rebels.

Being the leader of the remaining loyal states (commonly known as the Union during the civil war), he issued his famous Emancipation Proclamation, which banned slavery in the USA. Lincoln feared that after the war it may be forgotten, so he issued the famous 13th amendment to the Constitution of the United States. This amendment not only declared slavery illegal, but it also has prohibited to enforce people to work where they didn’t want.

Union won the war not only because of technological advantage over mostly agrarian South, but also thanks to president’s great leadership traits. Assigning the right people just where they had to be assigned, he even got himself in army command as well. It was Lincoln who suggested that their key priority was the destruction of Lee’s Army, instead of taking Richmond or driving the Southerners out of the North.

But he also never got overconfident and knew when he was wrong. If he was wrong, he admitted it. Despite being the president of one of the strongest nations in the world, he still remained humble inside. Never greedy to share credit for success and wise to accept blame for failure. Something all of us should learn…

His assassination has been a tragedy for the whole American nation, the concept of which was really created only during his presidency.


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