Essay On An Advertisement

Essay On Advertisement

Advertising is an inevitable part of our lifestyle today because it is a perfect tool for influencing the audience used by marketers. You can see it everywhere, on TV and in the middle of radio programs, on the streets and in the apps and smartphone games. It sometimes seems that the Internet consists of the ads – hardly surprising as advertisers spend no less than $450 billion per year for their products. Of course, advertising industry is almost as old as the human history – there are pieces of evidence that advertisements were used in Roman Empire and Ancient Egypt!

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Mass media and advertising has the biggest impact on younger generations. And one non-profit organization has decided to take it to its advantage in order to educate teenagers about teen pregnancies. Pallid statistics concerning teen pregnancies is shocking as at least 3 underage girls out of 10 will get pregnant by the age of 18 – and it is a statistics of the U.S., a priori one of the leading countries in the world, so it cannot be named poor or with low life standards. This issue is on the front burner and one of the reasons of it is lack of teen education.
As the target audience of this advert is teens aged 13-17 so no wonder that it is placed on the sites popular among minors and magazines that publish information about fashion, style and celebrity life.

The design of the ad is simple, yet multivalued: it consists of two equal parts, a face of a celebrity with a serious facial expression and an eye-catching question with an image of a crib below. The text of the question Not really the way you pictured your first crib, huh? motivates people to think about the issue.

Face of a female celebrity draws attention of teenagers – both boys and girls because it has both sexual and emotional appeal. Thus boys pay attention to the ad because of their natural interest to the opposite sex. Girls are attracted to it because they perceive a star as their role model. The image of a crib makes the question more vivid and designers have intentionally used an image of the plainest possible crib – otherwise, the image of stylish crib with decorations and toys will be appealing and create a false positive impression about pregnancies of underage girls.

The text of the question uses modern slang – hardly surprising as the target audience is teenagers, people who by definition use slang words.
Combination of the meaning and visualization makes this ad strong, meaningful and attractive at the same time. That will help to build a positive thought in reader’s mind that will stay there for long – that teen pregnancies are not as positive as girls may see them.

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