Advantages and Disadvantages of Cross-Cultural Marriages

Cross-Cultural Marriages Essay Sample

As globalization affects the increasing number of countries and communities, the phenomenon of cross-culture marriage becomes trivial and widespread. People cross continents in search for better life and financial opportunities, thus contributing to the development of a multicultural society. They meet different people, make friends, and marry despite cultural barriers. It is believed that cross-cultural marriages broaden people’s mind, make them more tolerant, and positively affect the family environment. However, some people argue that marriage is a complex social structure that can be detrimentally affected by cultural differences. In this essay, I intend to determine whether these concerns are grounded and voice my opinion on this issue.

Cross-cultural marriage is a widespread phenomenon these days. It reflects the changing attitudes to culture and diversity and highlights greater acceptance of other people’s heritage and background. Couples belonging to different cultures have a chance to enrich their lives by sharing traditions and social norms and learning something new (Breger and Hill, 1998). Their children grow more tolerant and well-rounded because they are taught to respect each person’s cultural background. For example, children raised in cross-cultural families have an opportunity to learn two languages at once, which is a great advantage for their cognitive and social development. They also have a chance to visit their parents’ homeland, learn the new culture and traditions, and build a multifaceted identity.

However, opponents of cross-culture marriages claim that cultural differences are a barrier to harmonious relationships. People raised in different cultures have different worldview and values that may pose a threat to their relationships. These differences often arise later in marriage when the couple decides how to raise a child, what language to speak, how to build a career (Breger and Hill, 1998). They may become unbearable even when routine decisions are made, such as, for example, what food to cook or what presents to give to friends. All the excitement of the new culture may soon fade when people learn about unsurmountable differences in behavior and values. As far as I am concerned, cross-cultural marriages can work just like any other type of marriage. The basis of marriage is love and respect, and if these two components are absent, nothing else matters. I admit that managing cultural differences is challenging, but marriage itself is a challenge. Cross-cultural marriages can be beneficial if people build them on trust, support, and love and manage to appreciate their differences instead of trying to eliminate them.


Breger, R. and Hill, R., 1998. Cross-cultural marriage: Identity and choice. London: Bloomsbury Academic.

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