Camping or hotels: essay sample

Camping or Hotels Compare and Contrast Essay Sample

People have different perceptions of an ideal holiday. Some love staying at home and reading a book, others like walking along the ocean beach and meeting friends. Some people prefer traveling abroad to learn about foreign cultures and get an exciting experience while others travel only within their country’s borders (Peltier, 2016). Tastes also differ in how people prefer spending their nights while on holidays. Those loving nature often bring tents with them and go camping in the woods. People who value comfortability and security, however, prefer motels and hotels where they get a cozy bed, hot meals, and shower. In this essay, I compare and contrast camping and hotels to explain what works best for me.

Although it may seem that camping and hotels have nothing in common, it is not true. To begin with, both are places to sleep, no matter what you may think. When you stay at a hotel, you sleep in your room at night. When you are camping, you sleep in your tent. Furthermore, sleeping at a hotel and camping can be stressful. When you try to book a hotel room, you may face many difficulties, such as absence of decent rooms, credit card issues, location, etc. Similarly, when you choose a place to stay in the woods, you have to pay attention to numerous aspects, such as sunlight, proximity to the highway, accessibility, and many others. Both hotels and camps can be noisy. In the wood, there are many animals and birds who may prevent you from having a good sleep. In the hotel, you may have noisy neighbors with animals or children who will keep you awake all night.

Furthermore, hotels and camping are similar because they can both be good and bad places to stay. For example, you may have a clean or dirty room at the hotel; you may have delicious breakfast or no food at all. Your experience will depend on numerous factors that ultimately determine your satisfaction with provided services. Similarly, camping can be both a great pleasure and a nightmare, which depends on weather conditions, water and food supply, insects, animals, quality of tents and sleeping bags, and others. Thus, despite the common misconception, one can get a memorable experience in the woods and be totally stressed out at the hotel. Finally, both hotels and camping offer some additional activities. At the hotel, you may swim in the pool, go to the gym, have a meal at the restaurant, and so on. In the wood, you may go hiking, play volleyball, or get a nice tan (Holmes, 2015).

Of course, hotels and camping have their differences as well. To begin with, camping can be cheaper than a hotel room, but only if you already have all the required equipment and supplies. Staying at a hotel can be costly, but it spares you of the necessity to take care of food and supplies. If you stay at a luxury hotel, everything is provided to you, and you do not need to worry about insects, weather, meals, etc. Many people prefer hotels because they provide comfortable bathrooms, while in the woods, you have to go to sleep without having a shower. This spoils the experience for many travelers, especially when it is hot outside. At the hotel, however, you may have a relaxing bath that reduces your tension and stress after the long drive or walking.

In conclusion, hotels and camping have their similarities and differences. Everything depends on what you search for during your holidays. Although I love the nature and like to spend time outdoors, I prefer staying at the hotels because it is safer and more comfortable. There is nothing better than having a long sleep in a clean and pleasant hotel room and waking up late in the morning knowing that the room service will soon deliver you a delicious breakfast. For me, holidays are about relaxing and sparing oneself from any problems, so I definitely choose hotels over camping.

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