A Compare and Contrast Essay

Compare and Contrast Essay

Student life is full of difficulties, and the most frightening of them is an enormous amount of written assignments. Unfortunately, standards of higher education urge students to prove their knowledge of one or another subject with the help of written works. Moreover, essay writing is regarded to help develop creativity, logical coherence of text, and analytical thinking. This is the main reason for making students complete so many writing assignments. There are many types of academic tasks but the most popular of them, known to everybody ever since one was at school, is an essay. Essays can also be of various types: descriptive, definition, argumentative, persuasive, etc., but the most interesting one is a compare and contrast essay. Let’s clarify what it is, how it is best written, and what elements it possesses.

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Definition of a compare and contrast essay

p>Definition of compare and contrast essay

Such an essay is a comparison of two things, objects, characters, events, or patterns. It is very important to choose things for such a comparison correctly because compared things should be similar and different at the same time. The main purpose of this academic assignment is to give detailed analysis of similarities and differences of two comparable subjects. It is necessary to create valuable arguments for and against these things. Therefore, such a task seems difficult at the first sight, but it is possible to compose a good compare and contrast work if you know how to write it well.

Steps of writing a compare and contrast essayp>How to write a compare and contrast essay

What should you do if you have an assignment to compose a compare and contrast essay quickly? Certainly, the process of creating such a text differs from a usual composition, and this difference is quite natural. However, there are several common moments:

  1. Outline. Each piece of text should have a good structure to look coherent from the reader’s point of view. Therefore, it is necessary to put down the plan first. It should include two comparable subjects to which the text will be dedicated, analysis of similarities and differences between them, and a conclusion wrapping up your analysis.
  2. Format. The best format for essays of such a type is called “point-by-point.” The main advantage of this approach is that the text is based on a classical five-paragraph structure well-known to each student: one paragraph for the introductory part, three main passages, and one paragraph for the conclusion. This structure is most comfortable for both readers and writers.
  3. Introduction. The first part of the essay is used for several purposes:
    • to introduce the main topic that unites two particular subjects of comparison;
    • to define and describe both subjects clearly;
    • to give a thesis statement for further expansion in further passages.

It is highly recommended to start writing your essay with a hook sentence to attract readers’ attention. Then, present the topic itself and specify two main subjects to compare. Further on, give your own opinion in the form of a thesis statement to place it at the very end of your introductory part. Certainly, the introduction is the most difficult part of each essay, but writing it perfectly makes further text creation easier.

  1. Body paragraphs. The main part of the composition is considered easier to write due to only one reason: these three paragraphs have a similar structure. It should be as follows:
    • The topic sentence to show the aspect in which subjects are similar or different;
    • Subject 1 and its details related to the chosen aspect;
    • Subject 2 and its details related to the same aspect.

Details are necessary to point out the differences between two subjects in a good manner.

  1. Conclusion. It is the final part of your essay containing the following points:
    • Brief summary and its connection with the thesis statement given at the beginning;
    • Evaluation of this comparison;
    • Estimate of significance of comparing these things.

The conclusion should have a logical connection with the essay’s introduction. Otherwise, the work’s coherence will be flawed.

Follow these simple recommendations about the structure of compare and contrast texts, and its writing will never seem a challenge again.

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Topics for Compare and Contrast Essays

src="https://scoobydomyessay.com/blog/wp-content/uploads/2017/06/topics-for-compare-and-contrast-essay.png" alt="Topics for compare and contrast essay"/>

Everybody knows that each written assignment starts from choosing a topic, and compare and contrast essay is not an exception. However, sometimes it can be very difficult to choose appropriate topic quickly. Therefore, we would like to present our collection of the best compare and contrast essay topics for all occasions. Choose your favorite one and enjoy!


Topics for College Students

i>College vs. Higher education.
  • Online courses vs. Traditional classes.
  • Education vs. Work experience.
  • Students vs. Professors.
  • Private schools vs. Public Education.
  • E-books vs. Printed publications.
  • Large universities vs. Small ones.
  • Academic journals vs. Gray literature.
  • Printed works vs. Handwritten texts.
  • Bachelors vs. Masters.

  • Good

    Good Compare and Contrast Essay Topics

    i>Montagues vs. Capulets.
  • Hitler vs. Stalin.
  • Obama vs. Putin.
  • The United States of America vs. the USSR.
  • Natural beauty vs. Plastic surgery.
  • Middle ages vs. Modern History.
  • Cars vs. Buses.
  • America vs. Europe.
  • Terrorism vs. Law.
  • Electric light vs. Fire.

  • Easy

    Easy Topics for Compare and Contrast Essays

    i>Children vs. Their parents.
  • School vs. University.
  • Printed books vs. The Internet.
  • Rich vs. Poor.
  • Religion vs. Atheism.
  • Travelers vs. Homebodies.
  • Trains vs. Planes.
  • The Bible vs. Quran.
  • Colonists vs. Native Americans.
  • TV vs. Books.

  • Inte

    Interesting Compare and Contrast Essay Topics

    i>Vegetarian diet vs. Fast food.
  • Fast food vs. Healthy eating.
  • Alcohol vs. Soft drinks.
  • Microsoft vs. Linux.
  • McDonald’s vs. Burger King.
  • “The Twilight” vs. “Dracula.”
  • Pop music vs. Rock stars.
  • Rap vs. Classic music.
  • World War II vs. Vietnam War.
  • East world vs. West culture.

  • Funny

    Funny Topics for Compare and Contrast Essays

    Batman vs. Superman.
  • Men vs. Women.
  • Blondes vs. Brunettes.
  • The Avengers vs. the Justice League.
  • The X-men vs. Suicide Squad.
  • Batman vs. Joker.
  • Harry Potter vs. Lord Voldemort.
  • Teenagers vs. Adults.
  • Apple vs. Android.
  • Stereotypes vs. Free-thinking.

  • Compare and Contrast Essay Samples For You

    By choosing one of these topics, you will be able to compose an excellent piece of text with valuable, informed, and evidence-supported comparison of two objects (events, characters, etc.). Therefore, you will not have a terrible headache anymore while creating a nice topic. Relax!