Computer Games Addiction Essay

Computer Games Addiction Essay

Help me write an essay that will be appropriate for submission on the following topic. It is definitely something you are looking for. The computer games addiction has been widely discussed for many years and continues to be extremely disturbing among the youth representatives.

School students dedicate most of the time to playing different engaging games without paying attention that they regularly take too much time in reality. Just imagine, how it is challenging for teachers to be involved in the learning process and focus on some important things for them.

There could come a point that this type of addiction is very tangible and obvious nowadays. Abusive playing with a strong desire to win and go further can result in the adverse effects to those users who see the only purpose – to play through the day. People who are simply captured by the following activity do not have any chances to control their desire to play games on the computer.

It is very difficult to say “no” to yourself and start doing something else. When someone is addicted to the computer games it is almost the same as having problems with alcohol, gambling games, or, Lord forbid, drugs.

According to the stats, most of the addicted players who are involved in the gaming area are those who represent the category of a high school. Sometimes they can’t cope with this problem and are exposed to academic failure and even shortening of classes.

The Implications of the Computer Games Addiction

The consequences we are going to describe are largely the same as in the case of alcoholism or drug addiction. The only thing is that it does not encompass any diagnosis or physical element. Below you will find the list of common problems which often occur with the computer games addiction:

  • Improper perception of the real world
  • Obvious social exclusion
  • Constant lack of money
  • Family problems and often conflicts
  • Depression and personality disorder

The habit to play computer games all day long is not so easy to get out of. It does not come just about stopping to use the computer, as sometimes we need it to communicate with friends and prepare for school or college matters.

By the way as practice shows, most of your friends can be addicted to gaming as well, and it may become impossible to go out with them and spend some time together if you decide to forget about games forever. This is commonly one more reason why it is really so tough to kick computer games.

Computer Games Influence and Violence in Videos Provided

The first and one of the biggest initial worries with violence that constantly appears in video games is that the participants of the following game do not feel passive. Users understand that they can win and be the best only if they show their aggression to others inside of the game. When comparing with television where we simply watch the cases of violence, in games it’s a bit different, as the player usually performs different violent acts.

There is an acknowledgment provided after a long research period due to which we can find out that this type of participation can negatively influence the way a person thinks and perceives the world.

Today even the World Health Organization arrived at the decision to include “gaming disorder” to their special list of mental health problems, explaining that gaming conduct is considered as a problematic one in the case when it interferes considerably in the life of other people.


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