Descriptive Essay About A Person

Descriptive Essay On Person

When I am asked to describe someone, I always think of my best friend, Ann. We have known each other for years, so I watched her growing up and transforming from a small, noisy girl to a confident young woman. I met Ann when we were six and were shy kids who did not even know how to communicate properly. I remember she was standing on the stairs of her house watching me play nearby. She was interested but afraid of talking to me, mostly because she had just moved in and knew no one in the neighborhood. Ann had blond, almost white hair, a round face, and small lips, and she was very thin. Interestingly, she has changed much since that time, especially her hair that became darker and changed its structure.

We became friends soon, and she has been the most active, funny, and restless person I knew. Ann has a sister, and they were always fighting at that time, so she knew how to defend herself. The necessity of sharing everything with her sister made her defensive and self-asserting, while communication with me calmed her down somehow. She always came to my house when things went especially tense at her home, or when she wanted to hide something from her sister. When she was a schoolgirl, she had thin curly hair that was practically impossible to style. She used to spend hours looking in the mirror and trying to do something with her hairstyle, but she was never satisfied with her look at the end. Ann had her own cosmetics, but she barely knew how to use it. As a result, her eyes were always too dark because of shades, while her cheeks were of that unnatural pink color that only low-quality blushes can give. However, Ann has always been stylish, and she was one of the most popular girls at school because she had the trendiest jeans, T-shirts, and jackets.

Today, Ann is a young woman who has learned to show her best side to the world. She does not use cosmetics much, except for some basic products like mascara, compact powder, and blushes. Her hair has become darker and softer, so it is easier to style it. Two years ago, Ann cut her hair short, so she looks very attractive now. She wears unconventional clothes now and prefers to buy something that would highlight her individuality and artistic vision. Because Ann is a designer, she knows how to express her feelings and ideas with her look. So, I can say that she walked a long way from being an insecure teenager who hid behind the “trendy” clothes to become a confident young woman who knows how to be effortlessly attractive.

Ann has lost several pounds recently, so she is very thin now. As a result, she no longer has those round cheeks she used to hate when she was small. Her cheekbones have become more visible, which adds some sort of resolution to her look. She does not sleep much because she has to combine study and work, so she often has dark circles under her eyes. However, her smile and laughter make her whole look extremely positive and warm, so all her flaws look insignificant.

I would like to note that Ann’s character has also changed much. She has always been childish, but as she learned to live away from parents, she became more serious and motivated. She works much and dreams about building a career in design or architecture; however, her self-criticism and insecurity prevent her from pursuing ambitious goals. She thinks that she has lost an opportunity to learn many basic things at school and regrets that she spent her teenage time partying. Now she needs to work much to compensate for that time, but I believe that her strength and determination will help her achieve her goals.

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This descriptive essay about a person focuses on a young woman named Ann. The author dwells on how her look and personality changed over time and argues that she has become more serious and determined. The advantage of this essay is that it describes not only Ann’s physical appearance but the personality as well, which allows drawing the full picture of this person.