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With a descriptive essay assignment before you, you have a chance to integrate your academic skills and principles with your descriptive ability. Here, you are free to use all types of sensory descriptions and ideas to paint vivid pictures in the minds of your readers. This way, your readers can blend their intellect with their emotions. But how do you write a great and cogent descriptive essay that will strike a symphony of fun and education in the minds and emotions of your readers? To get answers to this question, read this post up to the end or you can ask Scooby to write your essay.

What is a Descriptive Essay?

Before proceeding, we need to define this type of assignments to move on with a clear understanding. When dealing with a descriptive essay, you are simply describing an object, event, memory or any other thing your tutors may ask you to describe. In this genre of writing, you should convey to the reader how the object of your description smelt, looked, felt, sounded, and tasted. You need to do it so emotionally and sensationally that the reader feels that they are or were a part of what you are describing through the mental pictures you portray in their minds.

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How to Write a Descriptive Essay

How to write descriptive essay

In this section of our discussion, we shall give you a complete coverage of how you need to write your descriptive paper.


Your introduction is your paper’s best foot forward. Therefore, you need to make it as strong as possible since it is its first impression. Just as the law of life dictates, first impressions last. Moreover, it is difficult to remedy a wrong or faulty first impression. You have to begin the paper with a catchy and sensory appeal that grabs and retains the attention of your readers. Make sure you corroborate it with a thesis statement towards the end to allow your audience to have a clear picture of where you are taking them.

Formatp>Another important component you need to make your descriptive essays more cogent is its format. In your papers, you have to include the following key parts to make it complete.

Introductionp>In this section, you will introduce your paper to your readers briefly. You have to write this section in the most engaging manner to hook the reader and give them a clear picture of what you will be sharing with them as the paper progresses.

Main Bodyp>This section of your paper will explore and explain the object or subject of your paper in greater detail. You can describe the different aspects of your object or subject based on what you consider critical to you. Here, you are free to use various adjectives and adverbs to make the paper more interesting and appealing to the reader’s sensual and mental nature. Moreover, you are free to use different examples and illustrations to boost what you are describing thus making it easier for your readers to understand.


This is the final stage of your description that is just as vital as the other two initial ones. Here, you are supposed to provide your final thoughts on the subject of your discussion. A great conclusion will depend mainly on your writing style, imaginative power, and analytical skills.


The outline of your paper is also important in your entire writing process. You have to outline your paper before writing it to keep your thoughts and ideas organized. Also, you ought to outline it to ensure that your writing process and your readers’ reading process go on logically. Outlining the paper will ensure you include every necessary idea you need to help your reader to understand your assignment. You can outline it using the traditional five-paragraph model or using sections.



e conclusion of your essay is like the landing stage of an airplane. Therefore, you should approach it with utmost care since if you don’t, you will sabotage all the gains you had made from the beginning. You need to write it in such a way that the reader feels that they have landed not in a valley, but on the peak of the journey. It should make the reader miss and look forward to reading more of your writings.


Top-50 Descriptive Essay Topics

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After showing you how best to write these essays, here are sample topics that will inspire and fire you up to move write better descriptive essays.

  1. Your best primary school memory
  2. Your favorite holiday destination
  3. Your favorite pet
  4. Your best season of the year
  5. The best photo in your photo album
  6. The best novel you ever read
  7. Your favorite TV show
  8. Your best radio presenter
  9. Your most inspiring sports person
  10. Your favorite sibling
  11. Your favorite meat point in town
  12. Your best soft drink
  13. Your most boring teacher in high school
  14. Your most interesting teacher in primary school
  15. Your best flower
  16. The wild animal you love the most
  17. The wild animal you hate the most
  18. Your best domestic animal
  19. The domestic animal you hate the most
  20. Your life’s most distressing moment
  21. Your greatest fear in life
  22. Your favorite car
  23. Your first day at the beach
  24. The first day you flew
  25. Your first day to travel by sea
  26. Your first day in college
  27. Your best friend on campus
  28. Your first friend in college
  29. The worst season of the year
  30. The first day you spent a night away from home
  31. Your most illustrious achievement in college
  32. Your favorite music genre
  33. Your favorite dish
  34. Your best hobby
  35. The best time you ever had with your family
  36. The day you almost died
  37. How you felt when you failed an important exam
  38. Your favorite career
  39. The worst nightmare you have ever had
  40. Your favorite dance
  41. Your best dress
  42. Describe what it means to grow on the farm
  43. The day you landed your first job
  44. The day you earned your first pay check
  45. Describe how you visited the most insecure suburb in your city
  46. How you felt in the most secure suburb in your town
  47. Your first visit to a military barracks
  48. The day you met your wife
  49. The day you applied to your first job
  50. The first day you reported to your maiden job

Descriptive essays allow you to engage your readers’ mental power using their emotions. When writing them, you need to pay attention to the format, outlining, introduction, and how you conclude them to give your reader a lasting impression of your work. Also, you should sharpen your ability to use sensory appeal to paint vivid pictures in the minds of your readers to understand your message better. Fired up by the sample topics we have shared in this guide, we believe you are now in a better position to take your writing proficiency to the next level. The ball is now in your court.