Essay on friend

Essay On Friend

There are plenty of definitions of friendship given by different dictionaries. The most popular one declares that friendship is a personal relationship between two or more individuals based on feelings of concern for one another. Still, every person understands friendship in the most individual way, so it is possible to say that there is no common definition of this notion.

Nevertheless, as humans are social beings, they need to experience friendship and find friends to feel happiness and satisfaction. Friendship plays a vital role in our life and it is impossible to underestimate it or to neglect the necessity of having friends.

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Many people, however, believe that it is possible to replace friends with family members as the bong between relatives is much stronger than between any other people. More than that, there is a notion that for the most part friends stay with us when everything is fine, but when something goes wrong only a few friends will stay with us, but the family members will always support you. Nevertheless, there are situations that you would never want to get through with your mother, or secrets that you would never share with your brother. And that’s when friends come into action – though, not fake friends who do not keep your secrets or just want to benefit from connection with you.

There are plenty of classifications of friendship and friends, and here are some kinds of friends I personally would love to have.

Honest friends. These are your close people who will tell straight up what I need to hear, no matter how harsh it is. The problem is, many people are afraid to hurt our feelings and do not tell the truth and we may still wear rose-colored glasses.

Discoverers. Such friends show you things and ideas you’ve never heard before and they will motivate you to develop, expand the boundaries and learn something new.

Adventurers. These people are happy to support any your intention and do not want to sit lazily in the sofa. They need adventures and will teach you how to loosen up.

Successful friends. These are people you admire and take as a role model. They are energetic, goal-driven and succeeding in everything they set out to do.

Long-standing friends. List your best friend from school who knows you for ages.

Do not be surprised if someone in your social circle meets the requirements of all these categories – consider yourself lucky if you have got such friend. It is a well-known fact that if to surround yourself with motivated, hungry for knowledge and successful people, you will soon become the one like them. Choose your friends wisely and be sure that they are loyal, understanding and encouraging.

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