Causes and Effects of Fast Food Popularity

Causes and Effects of Fast Food Popularity Essay Sample

The contemporary generation is living in the era when life goes in a mad tempo. People always hurry up somewhere because they have a lot of work to do, families, hobbies, and many other interesting things. However, in a constant hurry, there is always not enough time to eat in a proper manner. Therefore, fast food became an integral part of life in modern countries. It is not a secret that fast food restaurants have a great popularity all over the day and it grows despite mounting evidence of adverse effects of such nutrition. Hence, it may be valuable to take a closer look at the causes and effects of this phenomenon.

The very first cause for such great popularity is the use of different advertising techniques to draw people’s attention and win more consumers. Everybody knows that such well-known fast food restaurants as McDonald’s and Subway have a big advertising budget to make them ever more popular all over the world. However, effective promotion does not mean that everything promised in commercials is true. Aggressive advertisement indeed contributes to fast food’s popularity, but the trick is that the majority of new customers are children and teenagers (Story & French, 2004). Certainly, such audience brings a lot of money to these restaurants. However, the consequences of such eating behavior are far-reaching and adverse: the number of children and teenagers suffering from obesity increases disproportionately, especially in the United States of America, which is mostly attributable to uncontrolled fast food consumption (Johansen, 2012).

The second cause of such excessive popularity is that all fast food restaurants ranging from big chain restaurants up to small cafés try to offer dishes traditional for a certain country. For example, the biggest fast food chain McDonald’s is known for different menus for different countries. Some dishes from, e.g., McDonald’s in India may seem a little bit awkward to Europeans and Americans. On the other hand, this simple trick helps this worldwide restaurant to attract consumers in every new country. As a consequence, tourists may not worry because all products in McDonald’s abroad are of high quality, and their health is out of danger as compared to street food (30 crazy meals from McDonald’s menus around the world, 2017).

The last but not the least reason for impressive popularity of fast food relates to convenience and economy. It is obvious that many people prefer fast food to an ordinary meal because they do not have enough time to cook by themselves or go to classic restaurants. Another point is that fast food cafes are considered cheaper than usual ones, though it is rarely true. The latest research shows that an ordinary consumer should have a good budget if he or she wants to eat in McDonald’s every day with the family. On the other hand, convenience and great economy of time are indisputable (Hamm, 2011).

Overall, as the presented evidence suggests, it is quite normal that fast food restaurants are so popular nowadays. In spite of the fact that fast food is not good for health, the popularity of this business is expected to grow further, since too many people prefer tasty and fast burgers to a healthy diet. Therefore, stopping the huge fast food corporations and curbing health problems and obesity may be possible only by engaging people much more in health literacy and education, which may give them vital knowledge about the consequences of regular fast food consumption.

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