Is College Worth It? Essay Example

Essay On Is College Worth It

Nowadays, with the development of technologies, life hacks that the Internet proposes and the opportunities that any person gets with the access to web, many people help but wonder if whether it is possible to skip the college stage and climb the career ladder without higher education. There are two points of view concerning this question: college is helpful as it prepares students for more than future profession only or there is no need to take student loans to pay for college as not many students get desired jobs so studying in college is inefficient, overly expensive and unnecessary.

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From the very beginning of our education parents and teachers, as well as the media, prepare us to the thought that we are obliged to go to the college, otherwise, we won’t be able to get a desired job. Do we actually need it? In the light of the increase of college cost and higher competition between job applicants it becomes clear that entering a college is not the only thing that students have to do to achieve their dreams and make college education value for money. If a student is motivated and creative, hardworking and thirsty for knowledge, then college studentship will be very beneficial in many ways.

One of the main arguments pro college education is a higher chance for economic success. Researches show that the salary of holders of bachelor degree is 60% higher than a salary of high school graduates. Further, salary of graduates is 40% higher than the one that high school dropouts have. So the amount of income definitely depends on the level of one’s education.
People with higher education have better understanding of healthy lifestyle and higher expectations to the quality of life. Society encourages teens to get higher education because according to statistics better-educated people less rely on social programs and less likely to commit a crime.

Another argument pro college is that it gives proper experience to students helping them to figure out what they want to do in future. There is a possibility that college will become only the first step on the road to desired goal, however, this step is crucial. Students can change the direction of their goals in life when studying in college thanks to college and new experiences and opportunities that it gives.

One of the solid arguments against colleges is the opportunities that the Internet gives. There are plenty of online courses and possibilities to get a degree or different certificates online so there is no need to study in the college. Still, studentship is, perhaps, the most light-hearted and interesting time of our life and campus life is filled with joy and adventures so it grieves to waste them.

Overall, college can be beneficial to those people who want to improve the quality of their life and explore a variety of possible paths.

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