Martin Luther King’s Speech “I Have a Dream”

Martin Luther King Speech

You’ll hardly find a person who didn’t hear anything about the speech of Martin Luther King “I have a dream.” It is regarded to be the most popular and spectacular one in the history of the USA. Specifically, this is an ideal example of the speech which influenced the society and achieved its goal. This speech was heard by the targeted audience and changed the society.

Continually, America was regarded to be the end of the rainbow for immigrants, who were hunting for a better life. Each immigrant considered America to be the place where all dreams sooner or later come true. Martin Luther King described the meaning of American dream in his speech. This well-known historical personality was the chief of civil rights in the USA. He was a preeminent civil rights activist who always took part in various boycotts against blacks. The overarching goal of his life and work was to achieve the racial equality of African Americans. In 1963 he gave the speech which gained the status of the most influential speech of the century.

This speech became an ideal step forward to struggling for the racial equality. It reached the hearts and wits of the audience. For that reason, since that moment this speech became a sample of the way how words can influence the society. Some experts consider this speech to be a testimony of truth. At that moment when the community heard the rhetoric, African Americans weren’t free though the Declaration of Independence had the other viewpoint.

Martin Luther King explained the meaning of an American dream in his performance. America is the country of opportunities, and lots of nations come to their wishing to brighten their lives.
For a definite period, this American dream wasn’t available for particular races. This country discriminated African Americans because racism was a significant problem. The only performance of this person managed to change the history.

It stands to note that millions of people listened to this speech throughout the globe. King conceived that if he wishes to reach out to the hearts of the audience, he should be sensitive. The primary topic of the speech was freedom and human rights. He declared that all individuals are born to be free, and this refers to both blacks and whites.

One more approach which was used by King is to achieve the audience through emotions. In other words, he explained that all individuals should live in harmony. The author achieved his goals through simple words “I have a dream…” The audience imagined that the world could be joyous without racial conflicts.

Besides, this speech was also full of hopes. That was really necessary for the society during that time. The speech influenced not only blacks but all people. He tried to over-persuade the whites that they need to put best foot foremost to change their society and allow the past to fade away. He achieved his primary aim!

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