National Honors Society: Essay

National Honors Society Essay Example

When I was chosen by my teachers to be a candidate for membership in such renowned organization as the NHS, I was overwhelmed with happiness and pride. It would be a great honor for me to join the family of the most dedicated, talented, and hard-working students who will lead this country in the following decades. The fact that I can be accepted to the NHS means that my determination and commitment have been valued, which is extremely important for me. It gives me strength and motivation to continue my studying and set ambitious goals, as everything starts with a dream.

Due to hard work and sacrifice, I was able to achieve excellent academic outcomes. For the past several years, I have been studying much, participating in different student conferences and competitions, and making my contribution to my school’s academic development. My GPA in the 9th and 10th grades was of 3.95 and 3.98 respectively, which shows that I am a diligent student. When I told my teachers that I want to achieve GPA of 3.90, they did not believe I can succeed given that I had been struggling with some disciplines before. However, I managed to prove to myself and my teachers that I can do much better, that I am worth respecting and supporting. As I mentioned before, I have participated in several academic competitions, where our team scored the third and second places. Given the academic level of our opponents, we all believe we showed excellent results.

Although I spend almost all free time studying, I try to be a valuable member of my community as well. My mother participates in a voluntary organization helping homeless people to survive the winter. I asked my mother to let me help somehow, so I was given a task of collecting any old clothes that might be helpful. I printed posters and brought them to school to inform my classmates and teachers. The initiative was so popular that people from different grades, as well as teachers and administration brought so many clothes that we needed two cars to bring them to the location. This experience helped me to develop my organizational and leadership skills and made more confident and motivated. I demonstrated my ability to manage difficult tasks and gained my mothers’ and my peers’ trust, which is invaluable for me.

As for my leadership experience, I have always been insecure about my communication and interpersonal skills, so I was reluctant to take on the responsibility. I used to think that no one would listen to me and I would look stupid when trying to convince my peers to do something. However, when we were preparing for the academic competition last month, I was chosen by my group mates as a team leader because I had the highest marks in math. At first, I was afraid of accepting this honor, but my friends we very supportive, so I decided to take a risk. To my surprise, I did well and managed to inspire and motivate the team to work hard. They told me that my leadership was unobtrusive yet transformational, which helped them feel confident and supported. Now I look forward to taking on new leadership roles as I feel that I can do even better.

I believe that no skills and academic achievements are important without the character. I have always been an insecure teenager, but I work hard on developing positive traits, such as integrity, reliability, honesty, diligence, and empathy. I believe I am a reliable and concerned person who respects diversity and is willing to continuously learn new things about myself, other people, and the world around me. I want to become not only a celebrated scientist but also a valuable member of my community. Without having a strong character, I would not be able to achieve these ambitious goals. To summarize, I am genuinely interested in becoming a member of the NHS, so please consider my application and let me exceed your expectations.

This National Honors Society Essay is a sample of an essay needed to become a member of this organization. In this paper, a student outlines his scholarship achievements, community contribution, leadership skills, and character traits and highlights his willingness to become part of the prestigious NHS that recognizes outstanding students.