Good Old-Fashioned Painting Art vs. Photography

Good Old-Fashioned Painting Art vs. Photography Essay Sample

Pictures and photos are two types of visual art competing today. Many people argue about what kind of visualization expresses emotions and atmosphere of a moment better. Somebody thinks that photography is the thing of the future, while others prefer admiring painted pictures on the walls of galleries. It doesn’t matter that we leave in the world of hi-tech devices and informational technologies; the art of painting pictures is far more superior to photography because of the range of different advantages and possibilities. However, what particular traits distinguish painted pictures from digital shots?

True art demands hard work and long hours of perfecting some material. In this case, the drawing takes more time and skills to complete a masterpiece than the process of taking photos does. By spending days and nights on a picture, a painter puts a part of the soul in it. This makes the image alive and attracts people’s attention stronger than anything else. Photography is rather a new type of expressing feelings and emotions on paper or any other material, while the first pieces of graphic art had been made long before the modern era, and it has undergone numerous changes through the years.

Today one can name such artistic styles as: naturalism, oil painting, impressionism, cubism, expressionism, and surrealism (Janson & Davies, 2009). These are only a little part of all existing movements and schools, just as the photography does not have many styles to consider. When an artist creates a picture, there are no limits to express ideas and emotions transferred to the canvas. Besides, a genius needs only some material where to draw a picture, brushes to put on colors, and paints. For a photographer, it is hard to take a good shot with bad and non-professional equipment. Due to this factor, they want more money for their works. However, is it fair to pay for material and not to reward efforts and ideas of a person?

Another reason for considering drawing better than the photography is that by looking at a painted picture, you can see not only the image but also textural depth and its peculiarities. Looking at a drawing in a gallery hanging on the wall is different from examining its copy in a journal. The colors change to the better as years go by; on the other hand, photos remain unchanged and lifeless.

In conclusion, it would be reasonable to remember the words of Paul Delaroche who said that invention of photography killed painting and it has been dead from that very moment (Heiferman, 2010). However, his words are wrong, and the pictorial art delights the eye of sophisticated audience every day all over the world. It is beyond peradventure that we can catch unique and valuable moments before using photo cameras. Photography is hardly able to enliven an image and endow it with the soul and character like painting does, and it differs from paintings profoundly.

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