How to Write a Good Describing Your Personality Essay

Personality Essay

Writing a justified description of your personality is quite a task. There are two breaking points that can turn the task into a real challenge. Doing an analysis of one’s own individuality seems like a work of psychologists that requires years of study and mastering skills. Not saying anything of the biased outlook.

Also, you may not necessarily be an expert in written communications or simply not that good at writing altogether. For this reason, an essay writing service can be as a helping hand when the task puts too much pressure on a student.

Where to Begin with Personal Writing

To start, make a list of the aspects of your personality. You may include achievements or things you did. In this way, it would be easier to further transfer them into the qualities and personal features of your individuality.

View the prior research as the investigation of your qualities. Concentrate on what your preferences, your past occupations, your encounters and the things you’re intending to do later on are.

Make a rundown of strong and weak sides of your personality. However, don’t center around the negativity, but rather on the qualities that will help overcome the weaknesses.

Overcoming Bias: Tips on Being Honest

Asking for an expert to write my essay for me is the first legitimate thing that comes to mind. Once in a while, people have a tendency to turn the non-attractive sides to their personality around and make them look like the advantages.

Such an approach is misleading, so try your best to steer clear from the white lies. It is not as beneficial as it seems. In a college, they expect you to be honest, while further in professional life this might backfire and question your credibility. This is why having a third party to help is not a crazy idea after all.

Defining What Matters When Describing Your Own Personality

There are different theories in psychology in terms of defining an individual. Some scholars side with the theories based on the behavior in the situations when a person faces social and moral pressure. So, it’s about stamina and the cues that drive your actions in the stressful environment.

Others speculate that only your thoughts make up who you are. There are also legitimate series of the research that says that parents and people who influenced us in the early childhood made us who we are today, stripping a person from any responsibility.

All of these theories mean that for this essay, both, your state of mind and opinion play the same roles as your actions and reasons you took those actions. No need to overthink the process of how to write an essay. You are the only who can shed light on what’s inside.

Tips on Structure and Writing Style

Since this type of writing is more about the reflection and analysis, you may stray a bit from the strict requirements of the introduction, thesis, body, and conclusion. Check out the analysis and reflective essay types to take out the structural points.

Try using an introduction for conveying the methods and approaches you applied when creating the concept of self-analysis.

In the body, apart from your list as the grounds for the writing also add the difficult or repeating situation that you find yourself in and how your personality traits may have influenced the outcome or predisposition for the recurrence.

References to the Society and Famous People

Include the values you rely on when the world is falling apart for you. Who do you rely on when you are baffled, scared or seek advice when making a life-changing decision? Answer these questions:

  • Who is your role model?
  • What public figures influence your opinion?
  • Who has the most attractive lifestyle and why?

Social media poses a strong influence on the young generation today, so the public figures, their interviews, and life experience prompt young people to change their lifestyle, relationships and shift the role in the society.

Do not hesitate to mention your role models and their impact on life and the world outlook.

Even More Tips to Rock the Describing Personality Essay

Your favorite book is a useful source to help describe any individual including yourself. Find a paragraph where the author introduces the character. It’s a usual method applied by acknowledged authors to introduce the traits and physical appearance of the leading characters through their behavior pattern and overcoming life obstacles.

Generally, there is also a background of life circumstances that led to the main characters being who they are today. You may apply the style of writing to identify your own personality.
If efforts end up not making much sense to putting it down to writing, then to buy essay is an option. Again, it allows the third opinion which may turn out to be accurate and result in a worthy piece of work.