Playing Sports at School: Essay Sample

Playing Sports At School Essay Example

PE is one of the subjects that children either admire or hate. Paradoxically, I did not belong to either group because I had mixed feelings about it. On the one hand, I loved leaving the classroom, having some exercises, and playing games. On the other hand, I felt completely distressed when I could not achieve the set goals and was afraid of being laughed at. Besides, there was a feeling of competitiveness among my classmates that sometimes resulted in heated debates and quarrels. I will try to explain my position clearly by recalling my PE experience.

The first thing that comes to my mind when I think about PE is our sports hall. We used to gather there in autumn and winter when it was too cold outside. Naturally, we had a limited selection of activities to choose from, such as gymnastics, basketball, and volleyball. I loved the first one but hated the latter two because my classmates seemed to lack understanding of how the team play should look like. When we played basketball, everyone was screaming, kicking, and pushing each other. No one really cared about the score because it seemed like the main goal was to take possession of the ball no matter what. Our teacher tried to explain the rules, but all his efforts to bring logic to the game were useless. Once, someone hit the ball in my head two times per game, so I had to sit on the bench for the rest of the class to calm down and stop dizziness. No wonder I hated winter classes and could not wait to finally go outside.

When it was warm, out teacher took us to the school yard behind the main building. There was a football field, basketball court, running track, etc., so we had a chance to diversify our activities. I was good at running and loved to feel the air in my hair and a pleasant soreness of muscles as I was approaching the finish line. I was also nice to have a rest under the large trees, watch my classmates running, and simply have fun. The only thing I did not like was to get back to the boring classes and switch my attention to mathematics or language when I felt so much energy and strength left.

However, the most exciting memories about sports relate to football. We had a small class, so our teacher divided us into two teams, boys and girls together. He did not seem to worry about the fact that girls could not play at all while boys spent all their free time playing football with their peers. As a result, girls were running helplessly back and forth, unable to even touch a ball, not to say perform any effective moves. Me and my best friend believed we were the only girls who could play decently, and we used to be on the opposite teams. Although we rarely fought, competitiveness was one of the things that drove us mad. We were so eager to win that we mocked each other, told offensive things, and were generally very hostile. One of us always left the field feeling angry and dissatisfied. We did not speak to each other for several hours after that.

In this way, my PE experience is ambiguous. I loved exercising in general but hated being dependent on my classmates who could not play team games. I loved playing football but could not stop fighting with my best friend every time we played against each other. However, despite this ambiguity, I still have nice memories of PE and think that it was a useful experience that taught me persistence and determination.

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