Is it possible to avoid phobias?

essay on phobias

Do you understand what is phobia or not? Because most people do not know how to explain this concept. In fact, phobia is an ordinary fear. For example, if you hate spiders or snakes, then, it is your phobia. You can’t stand these animals and you would like to avoid them in the future. Even despite the fact that most phobias are quite obvious and traditional (for example, phobias connected with a cancer, spiders, rats, public places and so on), there are also rare phobias. These phobias are strange and some people probably think that it’s impossible to live with these types of phobias but it is our reality. For example, have you ever heard about such phobias as ailurophobia (fear of cats), chronophobia, dromophobia etc. The list of these phobias is almost unlimited. You can find most of them on the Internet without any problems.

What are the main reasons?

Scientists from all over the world conduct different research to figure out the reason for this situation. They do not understand how to overcome phobias and avoid them in the future. In most cases, scientists and professional psychologists admit that these problems are tightly connected with psychological problems and traumas. You should check your psychology health and only after that, you will manage to overcome phobias.

Furthermore, there is also an idea that you can overcome your phobias if you do everything possible to face this problem. If you can’t stand heights because of your acrophobia, you should try bungee jumping. If you do not like spiders, you should visit zoos as often as possible in order to avoid this problem in the future.


Therefore, phobia is a very strange and unclear phenomenon in the 21 century. Thousands of people would like to solve these problems but they do not know how to do that. Well, we hope that our scientists will find the panacea in the near future and you will manage to live your happy life without any fears.