Pros and Cons of Euthanasia

Pros and cons of euthanasia essay sample

Euthanasia has been surrounded by many ethical, moral, and religious debates. Also known as mercy killing, this practice has been used in some countries to help terminally ill individuals to die peacefully (Math and Chaturvedi, 2012). Proponents of euthanasia argue that people should have the right to control their bodies and lives, especially when they suffer extreme pain. It gives them the chance to die with dignity without draining valuable resources and causing suffering to family members. Opponents of this practice, however, maintain that euthanasia is associated with many religious, moral, and ethical issues. In this short essay, I intend to look and these pros and cons in detail and voice my opinion regarding this controversial issue.

Let me begin with advantages of euthanasia. First, this practice helps terminally ill individuals gain control over their life and death (Albert-Lorincz, 2015). They often suffer from enormous pain and have to rely on nurses and family members to eat, dress, bath, etc. This condition can be very degrading for a person, and euthanasia helps avoid this helpless and desperate situation. Second, euthanasia gives people a freedom of choice in situations when they can control neither their health nor their life in general. Third, terminally ill patients require considerable financial and human resources that could be used to treat other patients. By choosing to die peacefully, they allow healthcare providers to use these resources more effectively.

At the same time, one cannot deny the fact that euthanasia is a controversial practice from moral, ethical, and religious perspectives. Opponents claim that people do not have rights to take their own lives because it is unnatural and contradicts the law of God. It also devalues human life and can lead to the dangerous corruption. Healthcare providers can use euthanasia to kill people without their permission to save resources, which is a serious crime. Besides, physicians have sworn to protect and value human life, so they should not be allowed to participate in assisted suicides (Morrison, 2007). As far as I am concerned, euthanasia in itself is not a bad thing. People should have a right to choose how to die and should not be forced to suffer immense pain and misery. Our primary responsibility is to ensure that euthanasia is performed without breaking the laws and a medical code of ethics. How to achieve this is another question that requires a separate discussion.


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