Pros and Cons of Hunting

Pros and Cons of Hunting Essay Sample

Hunting is a topic of heated debates in the contemporary society. Hunting animals has been a critical practice for thousands of years even after people learned to breed the livestock themselves (Pretty, 2012). Today, we no longer lack food to satisfy our needs, but some individuals still like hunting animals for pleasure. Proponents of hunting argue that it is a traditional activity that brings much pleasure while simultaneously helping control the animal population. Opponents strongly disagree and claim that sport and trophy hunting is inhumane, cruel, and unnecessary activity, especially given the abundance of food. In my opinion, hunting for pleasure should be prohibited because it is unacceptable from the ethical point of view. With advanced weapons in place, it puts animals in a disadvantaged position and denies them the opportunity to fight for their lives.

Animal hunting is currently practiced worldwide. For traditional communities, hunting is the main activity that helps them survive (Margerum and Robinson, 2016). They have historically depended on hunting, so they value the environment around them and rarely exploit it for profit or pleasure. These people should be distinguished from thousands of men and women for whom hunting is a favorite leisure activity and who kill only for pleasure. In the majority of cases, they are well-to-do individuals who do not need meat to survive. They defend their hobby by arguing that it helps control the animal population, but their main aim is always entertainment.

While I have nothing against hunting in traditional communities, I believe that hunting for pleasure is inhumane and cruel. Animals die in pain and suffering, and their meat and fur are often used for profit. Even when hunters eat their pray, their actions are not justifiable because they have plenty of other food to eat. Some hunters kill animals only for a trophy, which is appalling. They decorate their houses with stuffed animals, who died only to satisfy someone’s perverse sense of style. Moreover, hunting can be dangerous because it involves deadly weapons that can hurt other people. Overall, I strongly believe that hunting for pleasure is not justifiable. People cannot kill defenseless animals only for fun, especially when the environment is under immense pressure from the uncontrolled human activity. Happily, there are many more peaceful hobbies that do not affect the nature, such as bird hunting, photography, safari, etc. They help people reconnect with nature while simultaneously appreciating its value and fragility.


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