Rhetorical Analysis of Native American Poverty

Native American Poverty Essay

A group of politicians uses the idea of the lack of assistance to Native Americans. These people try to convince public that poverty of Native Indian is the result of the weak government policy. Usually, they use such phrases as lack of aid, inattention, and government neglect. One of the examples of such speeches is the Tom Rodger’s statement. Despite his convincing arguments, he failed to achieve enough public and government support. This rhetorical analysis will counter the arguments of this politician.

According to statistics, more than 28% of Native Americans live in poverty and feel the lack of government support. For example, the similar average rate for the States is about 15%. Therefore, many tribes require the change of the situation. In his speeches, Tom Rodger uses the idea of increasing support to Native Indians’ descendants a lot. It is not surprising because he works for many of them as the advocate. However, this is not easy. Tom Rodger is Native American so that he feels what Native Americans went through. Without the doubt, the situation in the reservation is incorrect. However, is it true that more help to reservations will improve the situation? The answer is not simple. Indeed, accordingly to statistics, Native Americans are the group of people that receive more government support than all other national groups in the United States. Unfortunately, this financing usually gets lost among bureaucracy and even make the situation worse. In his speeches, Tom Rodger never talks about improved funding control or better financing system. Unfortunately, he speaks only about higher investment. However, there are no guarantees that such support will solve the problem.

In his speeches, Tom Rodger uses the variety of facts about crimes against Indians in the past to influence the public opinion nowadays. For example, in 1862 US government refused to help Dakota Sioux tribe with such words – “If they are hungry, let them eat grass or their own dung.” No doubt, the situation is disgusting. However, it was more than one hundred and fifty years ago. Tom Rodger tries to use this old case to influence the public opinion nowadays. But the current situation is very different to what was one and a half hundred years ago. Tom Rodgers says that higher financial support will change the situation for better. However, the African example shows the opposite. With more than five hundred billion dollars help, the African continent still has plenty of issues. Moreover, many local politicians initiate lower financial help but increasing business and trade relations between African countries and the other world. It is simple. Continuing support kills the initiative and promotes poverty in the end. What Rodgers highlights the most in his speeches are various accusations. He doesn’t offer something creative or constructive, so he doesn’t give his listeners a decent solution. Thereby, without any decision, his speeches are doomed to failure.

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