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essay on success definition

What is the first thought that comes to mind when you think about success? Typically, it is an owning of a big house, a great sport car (better a couple of those), financial freedom – otherwise stated, the American Dream as it is. Of course, every person has own preferences in the location and size of a house and a favorite car make, well, you got it. However, this “thingism” is nowhere near success – there are many rich people who possess huge amounts of money, cottages or luxury cars but cannot say that they are happy. After mature deliberation it becomes clear that nowadays marketing and media have brainwashed people into accepting false definition of success and fake values. Success in real life has nothing in common with owning new gadgets, goods and money – true success calls for appreciation, patience, respect and integrity. And these things are impossible to purchase, no matter how hard marketers want us to believe in it. One needs more than luxury to live a successful life. So what is success and how to measure it?

Success is not to be measured by the yardstick of the dollar, so the amount of money on the bank account actually does not matter. Neither does the number of followers on Twitter or Instagram – famous or popular people are for the most part less confident and free in comparison with people who answers the call of a heart and do what they want to do.
Happiness, on the contrary, can be a measure of success. Of course, some people may believe that luxurious items can make them happy, however, practice shows that happiness caused by a purchase of a new fancy thing lasts for a couple of days at the best of times. As a result, if such person wants to be happy and successful, then he or she would be propelled into the endless process of buying new things much to marketers’ delight.

There are several questions that help to define if you are a truly successful person:

Do you laugh often? Do intelligent people respect you? Don’t you have false friends? Can you find beauty and best in others? Have you helped others? Do you improve your life and life of others? If your answers are Yes, then your life is truly successful.

Successful and happy people are able to appreciate small things, act responsibly and have patience and leadership skills. They have their own healthy opinions and can make sound decisions, avoid unnecessary conflicts and treat others with care and respect.

It is natural for many to think that such approach to the definition of success is too complicated or even inaccessible. The truth is, it is really hard to follow that way, and actually there are a few, if any, people who can say that they are really successful in that meaning. However, even attempts to follow that way already will bring a lot of joy and happiness to life. And, on the contrary, going the wrong way, following wrong goals will deprive people of the moments of true joy, happiness and success.

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