Essay On Teenage Pregnancy

Essay On Teenage Pregnancy

Pallid statistics states that 3 in 10 underage girls will get pregnant in the US before they turn 18. Inquires show shocking results: almost all teens want to be pregnant before they turn 20. One of the reasons for such mind-blowing result is lack of knowledge about negative impacts of teen pregnancy.

Usually when we think about teenage pregnancy the first countries that come to mind are the Third World countries. Indeed, in the countries with strong traditional and tribal societies the issue of teenage pregnancy and early marriages is on the front burner. That is why this problem is widely associated with poverty, low level of education, social isolation, poor mental and physical health and so on. Surprisingly enough, USA and Great Britain have the highest teenage pregnancy rates comparing with other highly developed countries – and these two countries cannot be called tribal or poor, right?

Teenage pregnancy changes people’s lives in several ways and for the most part these changes are negative. Helping teens get back on track is so complicated that it would be wiser to discourage teen pregnancies and educate teens how to avoid that rather than try to overcome all repercussions.

With the current situation, teenage pregnancy has emerged as a significant social problem and a health issue. First and foremost, immature body is not ready to carry to term, and as a result often such pregnancies end up with miscarriage, premature labor or medical complication during the pregnancy period. Add here a possibility to catch a disease that is transmitted sexually – for example, one unprotected sex has 50% chance to contract gonorrhea. To make the situation worse, teenagers often don’t have trust-based relationship with their parents so they are afraid to tell them about the disease and, as a result, do not get treatment. The consequences may be horrifying.

Psychologically, teens are not ready for pregnancy, so their emotions, actions and decisions are likely to be unstable and they will be stressed – and that is another negative impact on the mother and baby. Often it is perplexed with alcohol and drug abuse that redoubles negative impact on health of mother and baby. There is a traceable dependence on the increased drug and alcohol usage among teens and increase in the rate of teen pregnancy as addicted teens are more likely to have unprotected sex.

Teen mothers for the most part drop out from college and as a result have no possibility to get high salary to support her child. 8 out of 10 teen fathers leave pregnant mothers of their children or soon after baby’s birth, so mother and child remain on their own without support.

Parents are shy or afraid to talk with their teens about sex, and that lack of knowledge leads to pregnancies and diseases transmitted sexually. Exposing minors to the risk is a great issue and all parents, together with teachers should work out the strategy of educating teens and discouraging them from pregnancies. It is a collective responsibility so adults at home and at school should do their best to protect teens.

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