Why do I think that Dante’s Inferno is the best part of “La Divina Commedia”?

dante’s inferno essay

Dante is one of the most famous and influential writers in the whole history. It is a real classic of the world literature. Millions of children from all over the world read his stories at schools. Students consider this masterpiece more precisely during studying at universities. And ordinary adult people read this book from time to time just for fun because it is really interesting.

However, what is the reason for this success? How did he manage to create such a popular and exciting book? It is a real mystery for writers and readers from all over the world, that’s why I created this article. I am going to consider this problem more precisely and figure out the secret of success. So, let’s do that together!

How did Dante manage to grab the attention of readers?

Well, I have to admit that it is almost impossible to explain the whole list of features and secrets of this book. Even the most experienced writers cannot realize all these hints. But some of them are quite obvious. Let’s consider them. There are several crucial aspects of Dante’s Inferno, which grab attention:

  • The style

    It is hard to explain but his style of writing is unique and incredible. Dante knows how to grab your attention. He also realizes how to impress you. It is impossible to stop reading. Of course, some of his sentences are difficult for understanding for modern readers but it is still really interesting.

  • The Structure and Plot

    Dante does not tell his story. He decided to choose another way to explain his point of view. It is a dialogue and an excursion simultaneously. It is impossible to stay calm when you read this story. Dante describes the real Inferno. He shows us the most difficult and horrible challenges, which we will be forced to overcome in Inferno in the future. You cannot stop reading because it is too interesting. He pulls a special trigger inside of you and makes you interested in this topic. As a result, this story is still popular and exciting for readers from all over the world.


Therefore, it is impossible to ignore the fact that this part – Inferno and the whole La Divina Commedia is a real etalon, which you should follow if you want to produce something really impressive and exciting. Millions of people read this book, thousands of readers are real fans of Dante and some of the writers even write their own books based on this plot. For example, you probably know that Dan Brown has already written his own bestseller “Inferno”, which is based on Dante’s story. It is so incredible that this book is popular even now, after several centuries. So, do not waste your time anymore. Go to the nearest library and buy this book right now. You will not be disappointed.