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Essay On Love

It is said that love is the most powerful emotion of all that people can experience. We even can take the liberty to say that all, perhaps, have experienced love at least once in their life. However, strangely enough, it is almost impossible to find a quotation, research or a person who can explain everything about love and say precisely what love is. One of the main reasons for it is a double bind of the word and feeling of love.

People usually use the word “love” to express different emotions and feelings: they use it to express affection, pleasure, compassion, kindness, good attitude or admiration. Ancient Greeks were more precise when they talked about love: they had at least seven notions that expressed different verbal subtleties: storge, philia, eros, agape, ludus, pragma and philautia. These expressions covered all types of love, from love of a married couple to love of the self.

We use the same word for different kinds of feelings, but we definitely know that those different feelings for different people in different situations are definitely love. It is an emotion in action and it is almost impossible to understand it. The only way to get hands on it is to experience the feeling and emotions it brings.

Anyway, without mutual understanding and respect any relationship between partners is doomed because feeling of love is impossible without these two aspects. Emotion that appears with some kind of “chemistry” requires some fuel to kindle the flame, however, disrespect and misunderstanding act like a bucket of cold water to the fire.

Parents’ love for a child is another kind of love, as it appears under the influence of a natural instinct that enforces parents to protect their offspring. This feeling is unconditional – there is nothing more powerful as love between mother and her child.

Intensity of emotions, feelings and fervor spur people on to some actions – and it is impossible to predict what people can do in the name of love. Adrenaline rush caused by fear or hate is pale by comparison with actions performed by loving people. Love is an impulsive force that makes people do crazy things and all self-sacrifices known by human history were made because of love: love to a person, people or to a Motherland.

Love is in the air. It surrounds us, it protects us, it tests us. Love is the guarantee of our existence as a breed. Everyone needs and has to feel and experience it, because without it life is dreadful. We fell in love against our better judgment, and you know what? It is perfect!

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