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Essay Example On Who Am I

This simplest possible question is, in fact, one of the most important and complicated in our life. Actually, everyone should ask oneself every morning this question to be sure that the chosen direction in life is correct and achievable, to define the main values and see what things needs correction to improve life. Usually when trying to answer this question people start describing their biography: how old they are, what profession they have, their marital status and a number of children. However, can these facts answer this question and declare your identity? I don’t think so. It is necessary to go far deeper than it seems at the first glance.

Personal evaluation is impossible without deep perception of where I am and who surrounds me, my hobbies, activities, features of character and preferences. The answer to this question is never the same every other day as life and surroundings change constantly. Of course, there are some secure foundations, however, there are no people who would be able to say that they can answer the question who you are in the most well-rounded way. Every person in my life observes me from a certain angle, even I myself cannot say that I know myself to the finest detail, because of many volatile actions or decisions. Different people see different sides of my character, however, the complex of these features makes up my personality.

I believe, that the very secure foundations that never change throughout our lives truly answer the question who we are. There is an interesting question that sometimes employers ask job candidates, as well as psychologists ask their patients: describe yourself in a few words. When Joan Rowling was asked about it, she could say she was a writer, a mother, a wife, a daughter, a role model, a celebrity – and another dozen of notions. But she answered: “I’m trying”. And that, for me, is the perfect answer to the question Who Am I. I’m trying to do something, I do not give up, I leave no stones unturned until I succeed – in every sphere of my life.

Of course, today my answer could be this, but tomorrow the situation could be totally different and I could say I’m loving, or I am taken away by something. There are plenty of stories that describe situations where people changed their life, mindset or life goals after life-altering events. No one can guarantee that such events won’t happen in our life and our perception of who we are will change dramatically. And these changes are natural – let’s face it, we are not the same personalities we were in our teenage years, right?

Trying to answer Who am I question is really helpful because it helps to investigate changes in your personality or motivate you to make some changes in life to make you a better person. At least, I follow this rule and self-knowledge will help me to understand my reactions, emotions and actions better.

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