Why Climate Change is Real: Essay Sample

Expository essay sample on climate change

Although there is the convincing evidence supporting scientists’ fears regarding climate change, some people still believe that this phenomenon is a fake (Taylor, 2015). Paradoxically, people can be very stubborn and narrow-minded when it comes to accepting the ugly truth – the humanity has come too far in exploiting this planet and now endangers the life as we know it. As far as I am concerned, such arguments as steadily increasing temperatures, rising ocean levels, and species extinction vividly show that irreversible processes are underway (National Geographic, 2017). In this essay, I discuss these arguments in detail to demonstrate that global warming is real and may soon affect all living beings on this planet.

To begin with, it is impossible to deny the fact that during the past century since the beginning of the Industrial Revolution, the average temperatures have been rising steadily. Using thermometer records carefully kept in different parts of the world, scientists have found that the average temperature has increased by one degree Fahrenheit during the past 100 years and continues to rise alarmingly fast (National Geographic, 2017). It has been proven that increased levels of carbon dioxide and other greenhouse gases are to blame for the current changes (Maslin, 2015). Uncontrolled deforestation and fossil fuels increase the level of these substances in the atmosphere, thus causing the atmosphere to warm faster. It is not surprising, therefore, that conservationists have argued against the widespread use of fossil fuels, especially given the huge potential of renewables (Union of Concerned Scientists, 2017).

Changes that take places on the poles also demonstrate the processes that currently take place on our planet. NASA (2017) research indicates that the Greenland and Antarctic ice sheets have decreased considerably during the past several years, while the Arctic ice has melted at even faster rate. Photos taken from space vividly demonstrate how cubic miles of ancient ice gradually melt under the influence of abnormally high temperatures (NASA, 2017). Glaciers in the highest peaks of Himalayas, Alps, Andes, etc. are also disappearing, exposing rocks that have been hidden under the ice for thousands of centuries. Ice melting is partially to blame for the rising ocean levels reported worldwide. While currently, this problem affects mainly small island states, it will become a pressing issue in the following years if no effective measures are taken to reverse the negative processes (The Guardian, 2016).

Finally, species extinction is another powerful argument in favor of climate change. Many species cannot adapt to the changing climate because the environment and food chains are being gradually destroyed (WWF, 2017). Species unable to migrate away from abnormal temperatures will likely cease to exist in the nearest future, especially given the harmful impact of human activity on their habitat. Some scientists suggest that one in five species is threatened by the climate change, and those living in mountains and small islands are the most vulnerable (Howard, 2016). Evidence suggests that the first mammal species have already become extinct, and this may be the sign of further irreversible changes.

In this way, one may summarize that climate change has already affected this planet, leading to alarming changes in the environment that will only increase in the nearest future. Research reveals that the rising temperatures, ice melting, and species extinction are reported in all parts of the world, although certain regions like the poles or small islands have been disproportionately affected by these negative processes. Therefore, people can no longer deny the changes taking place on this planet. It is critically important to accept the threat and work collaboratively to minimize it in future to preserve the Earth as we know it.

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