Why do we think that taxes are illegal?

essay about taxes

In fact, taxes are really unfair. Can you explain me why should I give my money to other people and to the state budget? It is strange. However, even despite the fact that I do not think that taxes are useless at all. Of course, there are a lot of countries, which demand too much money as taxes. For example, we can mention about Norway, Sweden, Switzerland and so on. On the other hand, we should also understand that there a lot of countries, which demand a lot of money but they do not reinvest this money. It is really horrible because such countries as the Russian Federation or Ukraine are forced to live in poverty because their public persons are the most reliable adepts of corruption. They steal budget money and destroy the future of their countries.

We think that there is no need to demand too much money but all these taxes have to be spent on important and profitable projects in order to help citizens of this particular country. Unfortunately, we have to protect our borders, that’s why we have to invest state money in military and our defense. It would be great to solve all conflict on our planets but it is impossible to do that right now. In addition, do not forget about roads and police. Many countries also spend a lot of money to create the appropriate infrastructure but we think that it is really possible to transfer this obligation to other people and there is no need to spend this cash on infrastructure.

Finally, even despite the general rule of equity, there are also some countries which think about taxation privileges for unprotected and poor people. We think that this topic is very controversial, that’s why we created this article. If you want to discover something new, continue reading.

Should poor people be exempt from taxation?

Well, this question is very discussed in our society and many people have different points of view about this problem. As for our opinion, we do not think that it is a normal situation when some people are forced to pay a lot of money, while others can have rest and forget about taxation at all. Of course, we can provide different privileges for poor people, who are not able to pay all taxes but it doesn’t mean that we should exempt them from taxation at all.

Finally, it is really hard to decide who is poor and who is not. Everything depends on different individual aspects, that’s why we should consider and discuss this idea very carefully.


Therefore, this problem is actual and interesting. Even despite the fact that many citizens think that there is no need to demand money from poor people, we think that it is unfair. We can take into account their possibilities and ensure “tax discounts” but free-taxation policy is unacceptable in the US.