Why Is Music Better than Books?

Music vs Books: compare and contrast essay sample

The inner world of every person is something hard to understand; it has many peculiarities and traits “sleeping” while we do our “real” chores. The modern lifestyle dictates us to live in reality and work hard while building the prosperous future. However, everybody needs to relax in the dream world of imagination. Diving into feelings, we release ourselves from most troubles and worries. For example, children hide from their homework by listening to music; adults distract their minds from hard weekdays by reading an interesting book. Both these categories of people want to be free from any troubles and use two most efficient relaxation methods like reading and listening to music for it. However, songs are the best “relaxation oscillator” ever.

Music possesses a great soothing power and influences our mind and body enormously. It is well-known that good melodies have an ability to reduce blood pressure. Due to this, the level of stress decreases, and our organism obtains a proper dose of endorphins (happiness hormones). When we are nervous and anxious, it is usually hard to concentrate on reading a book no matter how interesting and well-written it is. It takes more time to calm down and shift our attention to the plot of a story. On the contrary, music does not demand any mental activity to perceive it; therefore, it is absorbed better and quicker unintentionally. This serves as a great ground for meditation, managing our subconsciousness in a proper way.

Sometimes it is hard to find time and an appropriate place to read a book and relax somehow. However, if we need to have a rest here and now, book reading is at a disadvantage in comparison with listening to melodies soothing our anger, fear, anxiety, or other disturbing feelings easily. Along with the calming effect, songs can bring the entire spectrum of different emotions and moods. Words are only words; they do their best to express the inner world of a person with the help of languages, but they are unable to represent feelings with phrases and sentences entirely.

For hundreds of years, melodies were used to treat diseases and help to overcome difficulties and sufferings. It is well known that music leads to harmony of the mind, heart, and body. Moreover, some recent studies, like the one by Collingwood (2016), have found that music can reduce pain, emotional distress, and anxiety as well. In addition, it is important to mention that patients with cancer resist the illness better and boost their vitality due to classic melodies or some meaningful songs. Books do not have such curing features, which makes them less efficient in the fight with the beginning depression or illness.

To sum up all ideas stated above, we can say that music is for the heart and books are mostly for the mind. While melodies help us to overcome numerous inner “hurricanes” and bring some emotional enlightenment, words and phrases assist in describing feelings clearly at an absolutely different level of perception. Both melodies and written lines are important, but music is all around us and all we have to do is listen!

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