Smoking Should Be Banned in All Public Places

Smoking Ban In Public Places Essay Examples

Without reference to the fact that a healthy way of living is being propagandized these days, still, the number of smokers can shock. All of them understand that smoking is destructive (each cigarette pack notifies them about the potential danger), but it doesn’t influence their decision to smoke. The strongest individuals leave off smoking, but their amount is small. The majority of smoking people continues tobacco use in public access sites. In this case, they harm not only themselves but the surrounding people as well. The smoke travels through the air, and the surrounding people are also made to breathe it. On that score, it is critical to slap a ban on smoking in public places.

It stands to mention that smoking in public access sites gives children a bad example. They see that adults around them smoke and in some instances want to imitate the behavior of grown-ups. Therefore, if you smoke at home or in a public place, don’t be astonished when your offspring will light a cigarette. Kids just perceive the behavior of people they see around them. It is the way they see the world.

The most susceptible category of people is teenagers. If they see people smoking in pubs, night clubs, restaurants or cafes, they consider this to be normal and cool. They just copy the actions of grown-ups. Besides, teens believe that smoking makes them adults and just do harm their health this way.

Of course, everything depends on a person. If your primary purpose is to drop tobacco use, you’ll do this. Nevertheless, smoking should be forbidden in public areas. The authority of each city should think about this. Such law will promote a healthy lifestyle. People will see that smoking is prohibited by the government and will presume this message to be a proposition to care about their health.

Besides, the disallowing of smoking in public areas will protect those who don’t have this bad habit. Just imagine the situation, you came to the café with your loved ones and wanted to switch off after a working day and spend time with your family. Nevertheless, your kids are made to breathe the air filled with smoke because the other guests of this establishment don’t care. It is not honest, don’t you think so? If you wish to smoke, do it at home and don’t make others breathe this air.

If smoking is prohibited, it will also protect the life of a cigarette smoking man and those who are around them. Lots of scientific investigations prove the fact that second-hand smoke isn’t such innocent as it seems at first gaze. It may kill! Second-hand smoke can be the reason of infant death syndrome, asthma attacks or even respiratory infections in kids. Except for this, smoke can provoke heart attacks in people.

Therefore, smoking in public access sites isn’t a good idea. Not all people are consciousness and think about the surrounding ones. They smoke near kids and don’t consider this to be an issue. Nevertheless, it is not allowed to do so! Thus, smoking should be clamped down in all public places of our planet.

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